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Your Health Insurance Marketplace In New Mexico

Experiencing a life changing event?

Special Enrollment Period is a time that can help when something unexpected happens. New Mexicans with households incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level can get help year round. Call or schedule an appointment with a certified assister to help you find a plan.

Your Form 1095-A for the plan year 2022 has been mailed. An electronic version of the form is also available in the “Message Center” section of your beWellnm account.

Open Enrollment is now Closed!

1 out of 3 have enrolled in health plans

for less than $10 per month.

Are you ready to get started? Select an option below:

Shop & Compare

You can now shop, compare and enroll in the health plan that is right for your family!

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment with a certified agent, broker or enrollment counselor today!

Give Us a Call

Connect with our Customer Engagement Center by calling ToBeWell ( )

Open Enrollment Period

Open enrollment is the time of year when beWellnm encourages all New Mexicans between the ages of 26 – 64 years to select and enroll in a health plan on the Marketplace.

Shop and Compare Plans

You can shop and compare to find the right plan for you and your family. A certified assister can help you find coverage that meets your needs and budget.

This tool will provide a summary of plans and an estimate of costs that you may qualify for. It is not an application. To fill out an application, please click the “Create an Account” link or the “Sign In” button.

Financial Assistance

The assistance from the Inflation Reduction Act helps pay for your coverage. We are here to help you find the insurance plan that is right for you.

Where do I begin?

With more than 56,000 uninsured New Mexicans who qualify for significant premium reductions, you may be one of them. Having the security of health insurance coverage may be more affordable than you think.

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